Ability to switch to relative mode for graphic tablet under wayland


I switched to a graphic tablet as a mouse replacement for my daily work, because of bad wrist pain (and not getting better with ergonomic mice).

Problem is: It’s only usable for me, if I can use the relative-mouse-mode and this doesn’t work under wayland.
I love my fedora wayland setup, so I would be very thankful and willing to pay 100€, if someone could implement this.

There is already a bug report for this problem: 477898 – Ability to switch to relative mode for graphic tablet

Thanks for all the great work for plasma!

Greetings Sebastian

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Add relative mode for graphics tablet (!4852) · Merge requests · Plasma / KWin · GitLab and [kcms/tablet] Add setting for relative mode (!1963) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Desktop · GitLab implement this


Thats great, thanks a lot!

Didn’t realize the graphic tablet can be used to replace mouse

@fusionfuture Its actually really great, if you have problems with wrist health. For me it works a lot better then ergonomic mice and you can get great accuracy out of it.
Hover to move the mouse, tip on the tablet for left click and pen-button+tip for rightclick.