About Elisa's support for local lyric files

What format lyric files does Elisa support?
Where should users put the lyric files?

I haven’t found any help information about this, and I haven’t seen anyone ask about it, which is strange.
Although I tried to find clues from the source code, I failed.

far as i know elisa doesn’t support showing lyrics.

clementine does, but they are pulled from the internet (several different sources).

Although Elisa’s introduction page does mention:

With Elisa, you can browse your local music collection by genre, artist, album, or track, listen to online radio, create and manage playlists, display lyrics, and more.

I don’t know if it refers to online lyrics or local lyrics (although neither is displayed).
There are indeed some parts about the lyrics in the source code, but I couldn’t understand them.
By the way, The Elisa Handbook did not mention the lyrics.
Perhaps I should send an email to ask the developers?:thinking:

I believe all you need to do is to add lyrics in LRC format to the song by editing the song’s LYRICS tag. You can do that with kid3.

I made a bug report asking about support for local LRC files with the same name as the song in the same folder, but I think no one implemented it yet.

I forgot about this method, thanks for reminding me.
Yes, embedding lyrics within the song file’s metadata works, Elisa is displaying the lyrics correctly.
However, this method might be inconvenient for certain use cases:
Modifying embedded lyrics also alters the song file, leading to a change in the file’s hash value. When backing up the song file to cloud storage, the entire file needs to be re-uploaded.

I prefer this way. I also think this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

I inquired with the developer:

  • Does Elisa support online lyrics?
    • I have supplemented the label information of music files very completely. But Elisa doesn’t seem to have pulled the lyrics from the internet, it doesn’t display the lyrics.
  • Does Elisa support local lyrics?
    • I have tried many formats of local lyrics files and have also tried to place them in different locations. But Elisa still hasn’t displayed the lyrics.

Their response:

I am currently not active with Elisa project.
I am redirecting your email to the elisa mailing list.

As a partial answer, I can confirm that no lyrics are fetched online.
From my memory, if they are part of the metadata, they would probably show up. I do not remember if they are going to be read from external files like album cover images.

I also prefer it this way, it’s nice to not depend on proprietary services for this.

I actually have a repository with lyrics from some songs I like that I converted to LRC myself, and the only reason I embed lyrics into my music files is because Navidrome IIRC doesn’t support local LRC files either.

I don’t like Elisa too much, sorry. Maybe you should try a direct thread with those developers - but IMO Strawberry is great for finding lyrics and can save them in the metadata too.

I used to love Guayadeque, but it’s pretty much a dying dinosaur now (despite being superb and unique).

For the record, here’s my bug report in case anyone else wants to CC: 465716 – Support for synchronized lyrics file in the same folder

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