Absolutely horribly ultra slow GPU encoding

Why is the gpu rendering so horrendously slow?! I have tried to render a minute of 1080p60 in kdenlive and it took 2 whole minutes while in pitivi, it took barely 23 secs (same settings were used both were 3800bitrate videos with all settings set to same in each.) . Pitivi is less powerful than kdenlive and that’s the reason I want to use kdenlive but how did the kdenlive team manage to screw up the hardware accelerated video decode this bad is out of my thinking capacity. (I am using an intel iGPU).
I’ve tried what not but I couldn’t get it to work. I couldn’t use CPU render because it will cause my laptop to heat. Gpu encoding uses very less CPU .

Do you know that rendering your project is actually done by MLT for all effects, transitions and compositions, and encoding is done by ffmpeg? Kdenlive just passes on the stuff in your project timeline to these two. And do you know that most of the video editors out there for which you have to pay serious money except DaVinci Resolve do not use the GPU for rendering?
If you select a render preset from the Hardware Supported category at least the encoding will be done using the GPU. But the heavy lifting will always be done by the CPU.

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