Abstract colorful modern style plasma wallpaper

so uhm

I’m not sure if the logo was\will be changed for plasma 6, but i can quickly make a version with letter K and gear logo, let me know if i need to, yet I only didn’t because it says up to 3 versions only.

This masterpiece is named “oversaturated brilliance” by lamnii (me), the first image is dark mode horisontal, second (see below) is light mode vertical and the third one is another dark mode horisontal.

These wallpapers should not be on the default plasma desktop as they are too oversaturated and colorful, therefore won’t fit the default white breeze theme, especially bad looking with the stock white floating panel. But i hope they still end up in plasma collection as they fit my customized colorful desktop as well as other’s i believe.

Also let me know what cloud or storage should i use to upload .blend files as well as 4k versions



they allow up to one media file per reply for the new users, sorry