Accents in KDE on X11

The accents in KDE/Qt ARE NOT working on X11
The accents in KDE/Qt are working on Wayland.
On Gnome/GTK it’s working perfectly (both X11 and Wayland)
KDE6, my keyboard is abnt2 model, NVIDIA proprietary drivers and ArchLinux

Any idea what might be going on?

Could you be a little more specific? In what language are the accents not working? Which application? Is it a KDE/Qt application? Or it doesn’t matter?

I’m asking because I often write Greek and accents work in my case as expected. However from time to time I can’t type accents in reddit (I have to use the markdown editor to correctly type accent when it happens), but I guess this is a reddit issue.

Hi, like theses character : áàâã éèê … any accents.

I have to input the accent then the letter: â = ^ + a .

ALL application for KDE don’t work when I am on X11.

The language is Portuguese(Brazil).