Accept calendar event in kmail

I’m trying to achieve a configuration like this:

  • Email is via IMAP in Kmail
  • Calendar entries are stored in local ICS in akonadi
  • I can receive emails with ICS attachments in Kmail and accept, decline, get updated times, etc., while having it update my chosen calendar

Is it possible to accomplish this? I’m not seeing that kind of configuration in Kmail so perhaps not, but this is still a bit odd… I tried sending myself an event invitation and Kmail recognised it as such. When I click on it it shows “Calendar Message” down the side, and shows me the ICS as plain text.

When I search online I see references to Kmail having a way to accept an event, e.g. 434544 – some kind of mail, does not offer to record an event in korganiser

Here I’m not seeing any UI like that which makes me wonder if I’m missing some config rather than it being a feature missing entirely.

Any ideas? I’m on Kmail version 5.23.1 (23.04.1)

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I haven’t found any solution to this too… :grimacing: