Account View Without Entry Pane

I am sorry about this, but I have just rebuilt a Fedora 39 box and reinstalled kmymoney.
I prefer not to show the “entry pane” (apologies if that is not the correct name), and I cannot find my notes from years ago when I last had to re-install.
How do close/reduce the pane?
Thanks for your time

Without knowing exactly what you are referring to (read the handbook about the ledger should get you the right terminology) I would suggest invoking the Setttings/Configure KMyMoney… menu item, and looking at the options for the Ledger. My best guess is that you want to uncheck “Show transaction form.”

Thanks, I did mean “Transaction Form” and knew I had to un-tick a box!
All done and now OK, thanks.
Will RTFM more closely before asking simple questions, my only excuse was I had a difficult few hours re-building a box that that seemed to be corrupted somehow by a BRTFS install and when I had it sorted I did a Kmymoney fresh install with its default to show the form.
I should have searched for a backup of the config and used that.

Thanks again for your time.