"Actions" not in Dolphins contextual menu

I installed ReImage to be able to rotate images from within Dolphin. But the contextual menu doesn’t appear. In the examples it is under “Actions” which I also don’t have.
I installed KRename and that does appear in the contextual menu, so it’s no general issue.

Similar question with no answer: Is the "Actions" submenu gone in Dolphin context menu?

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You must understand that ‘Actions’ is contextual.

I would suggest that you decided to download content… and failed also to read the information/warning:

The content available here has been uploaded by users like you, and has not been reviewed by your distributor for functionality or stability.

The context menu isn’t permanent - we see it here with an IMAGE where it works, but not when it isn’t working (for example, with an MKV file):

So it’s possible that your installed option isn’t working… perhaps ReImage is outdated?
KDE 5 Service Menu ReImage - KDE Store Listed as a KDE 5 Service Menu.

  • Already commented last week as not working on Plasma 6 - Commented last month as not surviving the upgrade to plasma 6.

Thanks ben2talk.
I did read that warning. And I understand that contextual menus are… contextual :-).

As you can see when used on an image, I don’t have an action-menu. But in the link above, I read that you only have a separate “Action” menu, if you have more then 3 Actions. Which I apparently don’t have.

This will be because I have an image resizer installed which does work on Plasma 6 - sorry, I should have stated this:

Search ‘Resize’ and at least you’ll have some function.


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How did you achieve this?

The same maker of the resize plugin, has a rotate plugin. Like you said, it was a problem with the ReImage plugin. Others do work.

This should work too

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It certainly does, very tasty it is too.

Thanks for that :wink:

This resize tool is better, being non-destructive I can use it, then delete originals later.

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