Activities: opening link switches activity (repost)

I asked this before, but with no answer. Is it OK to try asking again?

As the title says: when you open a link and your default browser is open in another activity, it switches to that activity, even when you closed that activity.
Another annoying thing is: if you switch to, say, desktop 2 in one activity, if you go to another activity, it will also be in 2, not where you left.

So the question is how you can either avoid this, or approach it differently?

Regarding the activities but remembering the desktop, please make sure that System Settings → Workspace Behavior → Activities → Switching is set to “Current Desktop: remember for each activity”.

Regarding opening links in the browser, even if it’s in another activity - this is the expected behaviour, but I’m concerned about the “activity closed” today you mentioned - did you mean that you open the activity panel and pressed “stop” on the activity where the browser is, but then opening a link didn’t open a new browser window?

Hi guss77,
Yes, I tested it again just now: I have Vivaldi in my “Accounting” activity. I use it there for the calendar, so if I use the calendar from BetterBird in activity “General” it wouldn’t change the date.
I close “Accounting” (the stop sign in the Activity bar). When in “General” I select “New mail” in Vivaldi, it opens the Accounting-window again. I tried with clicking on a mail-link in Firefox, and also then Vivaldi mail opens in Accounting, even if that activity is stopped.

EDIT: oh, and thanks for the desktop-setting, I changed it (will see after restart, but guess it works).

I don’t understand why this is intended? The idea of activities is to separate different workflows and minimize distraction, isn’t it? So if I’m doing my accounting and for that I need to look something up, it isn’t helpful if that brings me to the “Entertainment” activity. And I did pin the browser to both Activities, of course, otherwise I would understand the behaviour.