Adaptive sync causes flickering when mouse is moved

This happens on a Fresh Fedora 38 and Fresh Arch linux install.
GPU = AMD RX 7900 XT
Display is an ASUS ultrawide with FreeSync Premium
Plugged in using Display port 2.1
KDE Plasma (Wayland)

I am trying to set Adaptive Sync to “Always”, but in this mode the screen sort of flickers when the mouse moves. To be more precise the screen brightens a bit while the mouse in moving, but when the mouse is stopped it returns to the previous, slightly dimmer state.

There are no errors about it so don’t know where to look.

Possibly related issue. I’m running a single monitor for now, but when I try to use 2 monitors things just start failing (white screen, no display update, system lock up). I’ll explore this when I have a fix for the Adaptive sync issue but sharing in case it is related.

You did not state if you are using Wayland or X-11. Did you test using both? Could you please add that?

Sorry, using Wayland. I tried X11 but it didn’t have an option to use adaptive sync in the settings.

I asked, because I had the same issues with nVidia on a FreeSync MSI monitor. Without FreeSync, I still can’t quite use Wayland yet. Mouse issues on translucent windows and random freezes. It has come a long way recently, but it is still not quite there. Wayland is perfect on my intel only laptop though. The progress they are making is amazing and I don’t think we will be waiting much longer.