Add a switch for network offload enablement?

Currently, KDE would handover network connection management using networkmanager. However, we don’t enable any hardware offload function provided by network card. We could manually enable offload through nmcli, but editing network connection from kde would disable offload again. Maybe we could add a option for user to check offload status and enable them? Offload would be useful for network cards over 1Gbps.

What is “hardware offload”?

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Network card could offload some transfer operation to hardware, thus reduce CPU load and possibly improve network performance, ethtool could configure the enablement and disablement for them. While using networkmanager, it’s handled by nmcli.

Also you could check enablement status by using ethtool -k.

Hello, is this feature possible to be added to KDE or not?

Anything is possible if someone implements it, sure.

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Hello, I found KDE systemconfig’s source code, but didn’t see network config subpanel’s code. Where could I find that?

That’s because it’s one of those weird repositories that live outside of Plasma, it’s located in Plasma / Plasma applet for NetworkManager · GitLab under kcm/