Add libadwaita native auto-recoloring to kde

Gradience is a GNOME app that allows changing the colours of the GTK4 apps using libadwaita. It does so with “named colors” (Adw – 1: Named Colors) - it just changes the predefined colours of the Adwaita stylesheet.
Considering that KDE Plasma automatically applies your colour scheme to GTK2/3/4 Breeze theme, could the same functionality be implemented for apps using libadwaita?
It looks really good and doesn’t break libadwaita applications, addressing the main issue developers have with GTK theming.

For example:

Nautilus next to Dolphin

Themed libadwaita app (Gradience) next to Kirigami app (Tokodon)

GTK4 app (Gnome Disks) next to GTK4+libadwaita app (Endeavour)


We just need to wait until is merged, so there is no need to add a bunch of hack in kde-gtk-config.

however, this doesn’t solve the theme colours situation. “named colors” allows changing the colours of the entire body of apps

What is “theme colours situation”? The proposed change in the referred link allows libadwaita apps to follow the system color scheme.

i mean that this proposed change only suggests adding the global accent colour setting and not the full colour scheme — the latter was just a speculation in this discussion, it seems. others said that another proposal needs to be made for that. but that would be awesome, of course.
it just means that we are far from that sweet linux desktop unification at the moment… and it’s sad.
i also agree that kde devs shouldn’t hack their way around libadwaita, but i think it isn’t a hacky way (through the “named colors”)

Hacks are welcome if you can submit a merge request :wink: