Add more specific keyboard shortcuts

(copied from KDE Forum)
I would like to propose an idea to improve KDE Plasma. The idea is to make options for keyboard shortcuts to:

  • Require more specific keys; for example, it may require specifically left ctrl to be pressed. It should still be possible to set up a shortcut where you can use any of them as a single one, but it should be also possible to enter them specifically. A simple way to implement this would be by adding a button or check box to record which specific key the user pressed; it would still be impossible to set up such combinations as (any ctrl) + (left alt) as one, but I think that’s better than what seems in Plasma now.
  • Not count keys if the user pressed another key. For example, if they have configured the left ctrl to switch to the non-English layout with this option enabled, pressing the left ctrl+c shouldn’t do that.

I think that’s actually a Qt limitation. There’s no API in Qt for specifying left or right Ctrl, there’s just Ctrl.