Add option to apply rules to each window that matches the rule seperately


As window position/size/virtual desktop is not remembered by plasma in wayland, I’d like to request that the window rules page gain the option to apply the rule to each window seperately.

As an example: I create a rule that remembers the position and virtual desktop of each normal window, with an unimportant class. This makes it apply to all windows, however when I start a konsole window, and move it to a desktop and re-position it, and then close it and start something like dolphin, it inherits the position and desktop from konsole.
I would like a way to create a rule that applies across a large number of windows, but applies itself seperately to each window class inside the rule.

This means that it would be easy to create custom solutions for the non-remembering widow positions on wayland.

I’m not in a position where I would be able to contribute this myself (and frankly, have no idea where to start), but maybe in the future i could (if no-one else is able to).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea?

Many thanks.

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