Add package filters

People are used to use discover to do certain task, like installing or deleting software. There is no need to present full list of software, when user see welcome page, or when search for some software.

Add filter combobox, allowing to filter packages for this criteria:

  1. All (no filter)
  2. Installed
  3. Not installed
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With Pamac, we have the following:

  • Categories (Featured/Photo & Video/Music etc)
  • Repositories (Core/Extra/AUR etc)

Then filters above for ‘Browse (All), Installed, Updates’.

So yes, this is a good idea I think - though I don’t use Discover except for Plasma things.

there is a button for “installed” just below the Home button, but it is incredibly non-responsive and takes a long time to filter the display window.

unless that response time can be reduced by an order of magnitude or better, i don’t think a combo box would be that useful.

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Wow, that’s weird - I just tried the ‘installed’ filter - and for sure it’s strange.

It started with 10, and then counted up. Now it reached 54 items!

With Pamac-GTK, if I hit the ‘Installed’ filter, it gives me 2 seconds of ‘busy’ cursor and presents the list - but no count.

I guess for anything beyond the quick browse, I’ll stick with ‘yay’. I prefer Firefox for my package discovery… and ‘yay’ will list all options along with the sources.

Yes, but there is not not installed button. The idea was addressed to filter out installed.

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