Add this features to Haruna Player

I have a couple of suggestions for haruna player
It’s very compact and clear, but I have 3 things I don’t like, and maybe the developers can see this message.

  1. Add a separate button to control the repeat and shuffle, next to “pause” and “next/previous”
    Because it’s a bit of a pain to have to do a “loupe” every time I need to watch a short video.
  • it jumps to the next one when it’s finished, so it’s doubly annoying.
  1. Add a custom control panel like in VLC
  2. Add a function related to the playlist, there are two functions, “display left/right” add NO DISPLAY!
    Thank you very much, the player is cool, but my 3 gifts may have made life easier not only for me, but also for other users!

Sooo…smplayer it is.

oh no its so bad… design is awful

Right. Well um…you’ll need a loooot more “suggestions” to come even close to smplayer. Both by functionality, capablility as overall customization. Haruna is a lightweight player, you can’t expect it to have " a custom control panel, configurable toolbars and what not" for what it is meant for. But hey, Haruna is a relatively new project, whereas Smplayer has been around for over 15 years. So you never know the designers add your wishes at some point.

A looooot of suggestions…