Add warning in documentation about plasma styles not changing icons in plasma 6

After upgrading to Fedora 40 and Plasma 6, I’ve spent some time migrating Moe themes to Plasma 6 too. After finally switching to the new themes I couldn’t understand why the icons in system tray and restart/sleep are not changing.

Until I stumbled at this blog post How all this icon stuff is going to work in Plasma 6 – Adventures in Linux and KDE . It would be a nice thing to add a warning label either here Theme elements reference | Developer or here Understanding Plasma Styles | Developer

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Will fix in a bit.

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Added to Theme elements reference | Developer

Once I can confirm these are only used for tray icons, I can delete the entire section and all mentions of it.

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From what I know the icons were used in system tray, kickoff and the pop up windows that show when you use keyboard shortcuts to change volume/screen brightness etc. (idk what’s the name)