Adding a music folder hangs the android version & refuses to scan for music

Hello! I have the Android version of Elisa installed on two devices, a Kindle Fire HD 8 (12th generation,) and a Samsung SM-134DL. On these devices, Elisa refuses to work in two different ways.

On the Samsung, Elisa will hang after trying to add a music folder. Upon selecting “Allow Elisa to access files in Music,” the app will hang at a black screen (shown below)
{{It is worth noting that on this device, the music folder is located on an micro sd card.}}

On the Amazon, Elisa will allow a music folder to be added, however, it will not show any tracks. Selecting “Scan for new music” or “Reset database and re-scan everything” does not do anything. I just get kicked out of the settings menu.
{{It is worth noting that I tried both indexing methods, and nothing happened.

The Samsung is running OneUI Core 5.1, Android 13, and the Kindle Fire is running FireOS Both are running Elisa v23.11.70 (downloaded from F-Droid)

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