Adding Calendar from DAV results in confusing prompt from "KDE Wallet Service", which it won't use

I’ve added different calendars in Korganizer & they all keep prompting that it wants to create an entry in “The KDE Wallet System” but I keep getting the error

Seems that your system has no keys suitable for encryption. Please set-up at least one encryption key, then try again.

I then am able to OK out of that and then hit Cancel, but my Calendars are all in the application as I’ve expected.

What do I do next to fix this error it keeps giving me when adding Calendars?

Most of us delete the old kdewallet and create a new kdewallet using blowfish rather than GPG. You can then give it a unique password, the same one as your login, or even a blank one. It’s up to you.

KDE gives you a default wallet using GPG and gives not even a hint as to how to go about setting up keys for it. I hate this and we can do better. A README, or a link to a website that explains and offers help would be a good start.

I would enjoy learning more about this, such as a README or a link to a website that explains and offers help, but I have had trouble finding that information to know how to fix this, which is why I posted this here. Any recommendations @WilsonEPhillips ?

Well, I don’t want to delete my own to do screenshots. :rofl:

Give me a bit and I will see what I can do for a walk through.

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Check your System Tray to see if Wallet Manager is there.

You may have to open it from the kickoff menu.

Notice the name kdewallet, the new one needs this name.

Go to File > Delete Wallet.

If you have to re-open it, do so and go to File > New Wallet and name it kdewallet

Next you should see the encryption choice. Change it to Classic, blowfish encrypted file.


Now, you get to set a password. I just use the one I login with, as it is simpler. I’m old. I like simple. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier. Some people like to make it more complicated. I don’t get that.


I have mine set to open when I login and stay open. As things need the wallet, they don’t have to bug me about it. It closes when I log out.

You can go hog wild and set it up with UBI Keys and stuff. This is my home PC in my living room. I keep it simple.

I hope this is everything you need, but I will hang around for a bit to see if you need some help.