Adding Countdown Timer and Moving Tracks Up

Update: I manged to add the countdown timer and put it on a track at the top.
Now I want to know how I reduce the size of the counter so it can appear in the top right corner, not cover the entire screen.

I like the Project / Generators / Counter for creating a 10 second count down timer.

But after I create the countdown Kdenlive says it can’t open the file. Do I need to create it with a file extension (such as .mlt)?

And I got one working by using the file extension .mlt, but in order to see the countdown I have to move the track up to the top. I’ve tried multiple ways but I haven’t been able to do that yet. How do I do that?

Now I created a new track as the top track, but when I try to drag the timer to it I get “no available track for insert operation”. Do I need an audio and video tracks or an audiovideo track?

Ubuntu 22.04
Kdenlive 21.12.3

If you create a counter, it generates a mlt file with audio. The counter should appear in the project bin. Drop the counter from the project bin into the timeline. Be aware that the counter has an audio-track. If you have no beep enabled, ungroup the counter in the timeline and delete the audio part. Now you should be able to put the counter on any video track.

Now put a transform effect on the counter and move and resize the counter to the place you wish.

That worked. Thank you.

With the 24.02 around the corner you may want to wait for the upgrade, but upgrade you should - 21.12.3 is two years old!