Adding more than 1 line of text in Spectacle

Trying to add text to a screenshot, but not able to have the text flow to a second line. I thought by holding the shift key and then hitting enter would give me a second line like most thing online, but no joy. I don’t recall having this issue in the previous version of Spectacle and I’ll go verify on openSUSE Leap where I have Spectacle locked to prevent it from being updated.

Do you mean using the Annotate button, with the Text tool? Plasma 5.27.4 here, and shift-enter goes to a second line. Or, I can just use the tool again to add more text.

Adding text at the bottom of the image doesn’t scroll the spectacle window; maybe you’d see the second line by scrolling the window down.

I also can’t get a new line with spectacle with any combination of Enter and modifiers or just the Enter key. Can you please report this at, thanks.

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