Adding shortcuts to Systemsettings

Hello, thank you for your answer.
I see there are 4 packages installed in my Fedora 40 KDE edition:

I used this command:
journalctl -S today |grep kglobalaccel > journal.txt

In the text file I see this:

May 10 07:27:29 Fedora-KDE systemd[1816]: Starting plasma-kglobalaccel.service - KDE Global Shortcuts Server…
May 10 07:27:29 Fedora-KDE systemd[1816]: Started plasma-kglobalaccel.service - KDE Global Shortcuts Server.
May 10 07:28:43 Fedora-KDE systemsettings[3573]: org.kde.kcm_keys: “org.kde.kglobalaccel.NoSuchComponent” “The component ‘libreoffice-5.desktop’ doesn’t exist.”

When I check if the service is running, I see this:

sudo systemctl status plasma-kglobalaccel.service
Unit plasma-kglobalaccel.service could not be found.

In the thread: I come across the “/etc/xdg/autostart” directory.
In there I see:

-rw-r–r–. 1 root root 1.4K Apr 16 02:00 kglobalacceld.desktop

Its contents is:

cat kglobalacceld.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Global Shortcuts
Name[ar]=اختصارات عامة
Name[ast]=Atayos globales
Name[bg]=Глобални клавишни комбинации
Name[ca]=Dreceres globals
Name[ca@valencia]=Dreceres globals
Name[cs]=Globální zkratky
Name[de]=Globale Kurzbefehle
Name[en_GB]=Global Shortcuts
Name[eo]=Ĉieaj Ŝparvojoj
Name[es]=Atajo de teclado globales
Name[eu]=Lasterbide globalak
Name[fa]=میان‌بر های چهانی
Name[fi]=Työpöydänlaajuiset pikanäppäimet
Name[fr]=Raccourcis globaux
Name[gl]=Atallos globais
Name[hu]=Globális gyorsbillentyűk
Name[ia]=Vias Breve Global
Name[it]=Scorciatoie globali
Name[ka]=გლობალური მალსახმობები
Name[ko]=전역 단축키მ
Name[nl]=Globale sneltoetsen
Name[nn]=Globale snarvegar
Name[pl]=Skróty globalne
Name[pt_BR]=Atalhos globais
Name[ro]=Scurtături globale
Name[ru]=Глобальные комбинации клавиш
Name[sa]=वैश्विक संक्षिप्तमार्गाः
Name[sk]=Globálne skratky
Name[sl]=Globalne bližnjice
Name[ta]=முழுதளாவிய சுருக்குவழிகள்л
Name[tr]=Global Kısayollar
Name[uk]=Загальні скорочення
Name[x-test]=xxGlobal Shortcutsxx

Is this info you expected or is something wrong? To me it is a jibberish.

Thank you very much for your help.