What is kaccess and kglobalaccel?

I am currently going through /etc/xdg/autostart and looking at all the stuff KDE Plasma runs in the background.

I think converting those to systemd services would be great and I am currently experimenting with it. This has the advantage of flexibly enabling it, temporarily, etc.

what does kaccess do?

seems to me like it handles accessibility features like sticky keys and screen readers

EDIT: oh forgot to answer for kglobalaccel. that’s for global shortcuts.

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I would assume that kaccess then needs a graphical session to make sense?

same with global shortcuts?

Yes, I think that’s true of most software offered by KDE.

I am not so sure about

  • baloo_file
  • geoclue
  • vbox, vmware, spice agents
  • xdg-user-dirs
  • powerdevil

many of these are likely not GUI dependent

Well, half of these aren’t KDE utilities afaik (vbox/vmware/spice), but it’s true that some KDE utilities like Baloo do offer CLIs. Baloo for instance ships with the CLI baloosearch utility, which allows searching indexed files and allows searching things like metadata, which you wouldn’t be possible with good old find. I could see that being useful even if you’re not using any Baloo-powered GUI applications.

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