Adding support for thinksmart devices?


I’m a longterm kdeconnect user on my main phone, but recently acquired a Lenovo ThinkSmart after reading this post.

The thinksmart is an interesting device (based on android things ca. version 8) as it is meant to be a companion device for your PC/laptop and allows for offloading videocalls to it while working on the main computer. In order for this to work it comes in different bundles (I’ve read of a “Zoom” version and of a “Teams” version). On some videos online it can be seen that it can also show your calendar etc.

Would there be interest in investigating if some of these features could be available through kdeconnect? It would be a different use case than the normal phone usage as I guess on this device the app would stay always in foreground, and I believe the integration with kontact would be a very nice thing to achieve. Of course if we could offload videocalls from the browser with plasma connect it would be really perfect.

To wrap up: I just received the device, I know something about developing on android but never touched the kdeconnect codebase and I have no experience on developing on kde (I’m just a very happy user). I cannot commit on working on this alone (but do not exclude to experiment) but if there is some interest I’d gladly join forces.


Are you sure that, the device is still current?

  • The only “ThinkSmart” devices I can see on the Lenovo US and German sites are some systems for managing Zoom and Microsoft Teams meeting …

@Franken14679 those are definitely obsolete devices, but can be acquired for very cheap and still work. (I’ve got mine new in the original box for 30 EUR).