Adjust timeline length

The total length of my video is 1 minute, but the timeline is 17 minutes long for some reason. If there’s an obvious way to resize the timeline length, I can’t find it.

Use ctrl+wheel to zoom in/out in the timeline. Below the timeline is a bar, grab the end of the bar and you can adjust the timeline zoom. See here:

and here:

I am aware of those options; my question is why is my timeline still 17 minutes long when I have a 1 minute video. This makes using the timeline scroll bar unnecessarily difficult when so much of the timeline is empty space.

In the timeline, jump with alt+arrow to the right site to check if there are any tiny clips which can be deleted.

(I replied via email but it didn’t post here)

No, there is nothing in that empty space. If my video is 1 minute long, then the timeline is (a little over) 17 minutes long, and if my video is 10 min, the timeline is 26 min. I can send in an example project if it helps.

Arguably this is a bug because most video editors (Shortcut, Sony Vegas) will only make the timeline as long as necessary upon opening the project.