Advice on simple but repetitive editing workflow

I’m using kdenlive to edit footage from my team’s volleyball games. We have two cameras set up, a wide-angle and a narrow FOV camera. Each game takes about 20 minutes. My goal is to take the two ~20 minute recordings and trim out the fluff so I have a ~5 minute video from the wide angle camera (track 2), with cuts to the narrow FOV camera for replays (usually track 1 for synchronization but I’ll put a segment in track 3 for a replay) when something cool happened. I have a process that works, but it’s got some issues and I want to know if anyone can suggest improvements. What I do is:

  1. Put each recording on a video track in the timeline
  2. Audio align them
  3. Watch the wide-angle video and add guides at the start and end of each point with numpad *
  4. Go to each guide with ctrl+right arrow and cut both tracks with ctrl+shift+r
  5. Manually select and delete every other segment, where we’re setting up between each point
  6. In each gap, Remove Space in All Tracks by clicking a gap and using the keyboard shortcut I set up. I’d think I could ctrl+right arrow to each guide marking the end of a point and Remove Space in All Tracks there, but that for some reason moves guides to random places as the clips move.
  7. Watch and mark cool plays that I want a replay of with a different guide category
  8. After a segment with a cool point, use the Spacer tool to add space to both tracks.
  9. Select the narrow FOV segment where something cool happened and Save Segment to Bin.
  10. Move the newly saved segment from the bin down to the third video track and set its length
  11. Use the Spacer to move track 1 and 2 to abut the end of the replay.

The problem I’ve run into is that it requires a lot of keystrokes, or worse, mouse movement, to
-go to each guide and cut the tracks in step 4
-make the manual selections to delete the fluff segments in step 5
-Remove Spaces in All Tracks in all the new gaps in step 6

I imagine there are a ton of better workflows for this, but I haven’t seen enough of the program to know what they are. This is the first thing I’ve found that works; if you’re wondering why I’m not doing xyz when it would be so much easier, it’s because I don’t know about it, so please share!

Also, I imagine this is a stretch, but it would be cool to have a scoreboard text in the corner. Is there any sort of API or extensibility that would let me set some variable in each segment, e.g. if a Category 3 guide is there we won the point, else the other team won the point, and so generate a scoreboard appropriately?

Example image of my timeline when I’ve finished editing below:

Track 1: Wide-angle clips

Track 2: FOV clips

Point 4:

Cut the right side of the clips with ctrl+shift+r. Shift+r cuts only the clip on the active track

Cut the left side of each clip with ( → up/down to go to the other track and cut with ( as well.

Let the empty space as it is.

Point 5, 6: not needed

Point 7: Hide track 1 (click on the film-strip icon in the track header). Repeat step 4 for the clips on track 2

Point 8: move the FOW down into the space of track 1

Point 11: use the spacer tool or remove space on track 1

Guide: right click in the timeline ruler → disable Guides Locked → now the guides move with the spacer tool