After my kde 6 update my virtual terminal won't return to the GUI

I updated my OpenSuse to KDE 6 and I’m seeing my virtual terminals won’t return to the GUI on four different (all HP) desktops. I can switch between tty1 to tty6 with no issues but Ctrl-Alt-F7 doesn’t change from the last selected tty screen to the GUI.
I think some of the F8 to F12 keys used to do something too but none do anything now.
I’ve tried this in Wayland and x11 and it is the same in either.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong or have I found a bug?

Is there a workaround to get back to the current user’s GUI screen without rebooting and starting over?

xfce has a tendency to end up on tty7 IIRC, but plasma is on tty1 for wayland and tty2 for x11. (I think, at least it it on mine. SDDM also on tty2 on mine)
Unless OpenSuse has some special feature where ctrl+alt+f7 means “return to desktop” that would mean tty7.
I think you should check tty1 and tty2.

I have also experienced trouble switching tty with nvidia and prime. Make sure the desktop is not on any other hdmi/displayport.

But this sounds like something tumbleweed forums would be a better place to ask.

I can easily switch to tty1 using Ctrl-Alt-F1, the same for tty2 to tty6 using the F2 to F6 keys so the GUI isn’t on any of them.

It used to be on Ctrl-Alt-F7 befpre the KDE update.

No fancy graphics here just the default HP Intel graphics.

Not sure why Tumbleweed forums would be the place to ask as it was working fine on all four machines prior to the KDE update but I’ll ask over there just in case.

Well it matters since tumbleweed is the only one I can see that yet supports plasma 6.

Therefore, it would seem fitting to ask that extremely well informed forum to help you with a problem on their distribution.

You are ofc welcome to ask here aswell, but you would most likely get way better help there.

I’m sorry, I have nothing more.

I appreciate the suggestions, I have not figured out what is wrong or who it should be reported to but this is what I’ve found after a lot of experimentation.

After rebooting and going directly to the Wayland session I’m getting a tty on F1, a copy of the original login screen on F2 and my GUI on F3 - but if I have pressed F2 nothing else works until I first release and re-press the Ctrl-Alt keys and then only after a several second delay. The F1 and F4 to F6 all switch without releasing the keys.

In X11 I get the GUI on F2 if I release the Crtl-Alt keys and re-press them after switching to a tty screen. The tty screens switch without having to release the keys.

If I log into X11 first, then log out and back into Wayland (no reboot) then F2 gives me the copy of the login screen and F7 gives me the GUI.

Odd but if someone is searching on this issue this may give them a starting point.

One quick workaround is Ctrl+Alt+Esc. This should force KDE to reload and hopefully bring back your GUI without needing a full reboot.

Run loginctl list-sessions in a terminal to figure out which tty your desktop is running on. Guessing is painful :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That and Ctrl-Alt Backspace Backspace will restart the GUI but any unsaved work in the session you left will be lost.

that loginctl list-sessions is handy, thanks.