After standby the taskbar is moved from the bottom to the top position

After a standby the taskbar often moves from the bottom to the top. The prerequisite for this is probably that there are already open windows.
Sometimes it seems to happen when I minimize all windows by clicking on the “show the desktop” (bottom right), sometimes when a window is moved down to the taskbar.
When I want to reset the bar with “Start edit mode”, the down arrow is not displayed first, so I have to use the up arrow first, and with the next edit mode then the down arrow appears, which finally moves the bar down.

Unfortunately this does not happen always, so it is not exactly reproducible.
I don’t know if this is a new phenomenon of Plasma 6, I can’t remember if this existed before.

Any ideas whats wrong here?

In which config file the position of the bar is saved, maybe it is always overwritten with a wrong value?


This issue sounds like the issue reported in this thread: Plasma tray bar relocates itself to top of screen , and possibly this bug report: 484875 – After locking screen and turning off monitor, panels are occasionally placed in the wrong position

If it does look like the bug report, please register and comment - to let developers know it’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed.