After update to plasma 6, my google mail accounts in kontact are offline

I updated to plasma 6 today through discover. After that, my two google accounts in kmail are offline, and I can’t get them to re-authenticate. My microsoft account was offline first, too, but I could get it to re-authenticate without problems.

Any hints on how this could be done without needing to delete and re-add them? I’d hate that as I always have all messages downloaded for quicker access, and I live in a country with slow, unreliable and expensive internet…

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same problem here :face_with_diagonal_mouth: after update gmail not connected.
calendar and adressbook work fine.

Some workaround: change authentification to “plain” and create an app password in your google account. Use that password for logging in from kmail/kontact.

I will also try to reset it to use gmail authentification later.