After upgrade to Plasma 6 one click opens directory is missing?

Hi! :slight_smile:
Before Plasma 6 in Dolphin options there was a feature: click on directory or file name to open it with one click - now it’s missing?

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The default changed to double click with plasma 6.
KDE MegaRelease 6 - KDE Community in “New defaults”

Seems you want to activate the single-click, that’s on the first page of the system settings “a click on file and folders”.

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Oh, great so it’s global setting, not direct Dolphin.
OK, if I remember… previously Dolphin has an option to working like:

  1. one click on name - open dir/file (works)
  2. one click on row - select dir/file (missing?)


There is a dolphin setting, in Settings → View section → Details tab → “open file and folders”

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System setting override Dolphin setting.
When System says: one click select and Dolphin says: click on name open the result in Dolphin is select.
I was trying to get results like:
click on name == open
click on row == select
but is not possible right now.

Any way thanks for reply :+1:

You can always select with a single click using the square [+] at the top left of icons that appears on hover. This requires more mouse precision though.

System Settings —> Workspace —> General Behavior —> Clicking files or folders

select ‘double-clicking’ or ‘click’

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Not the same as you want, but in Dolphin you can also press space and you go into “selection mode” where you can click files and folders to select, then press space again to go back to “normal mode” with the items still selected.

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Lol, I use Dolphin from years and was don’t know about this feature. Thanks, it may be helpful.

Thank You so much for the assistance. I was looking for this feature after upgrading to kde plasma 6. it is so handy for me.