Akademy video streams

Is there any chance there will be new versions with better video/audio quality, or should I better just start watching them now? :wink:

Anyway, thanks and greetings to all currently in Thessaloniki, wishing you a wonderful time!


Akademy’s archives are available on Peertube in the same quality that was streamed live.
I don’t know if there are any plans to update the quality of the videos or not.

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I’m just a bit puzzled why the videos look and sound so strange… I’m even wondering if this might be sort of a counter measure to prevent the video content from being used for AI training or something like this :thinking:

There were indeed audio and video issues. Not sure about the video, but the audio especially had some crackling and pitch changes. From what I’ve heard it seems it’s fixable, though. Hopefully when they publish each talk individually it will sound better. :pray: