Akonadi lock nextcloud

Since I had started Akonadi, there are too much attempt to connect to my nextcloud which result on brute force protection trigger from the server. So, is there a way to temper these connections from akonadi, and, by the way understand why akonadi do that (tehre is only Korganizer at startup) ?

Furthermore, the desktop double time to open.

Thanks foi help.


in order to sync calendars, there are a few requests that must happen every time.

Could you maybe try to decrease the refresh/sync interval of the calendar?

Also, how is your Brute Force protection configured? I can try to set it up on my Nextcloud and see if I can reproduce it.

Well, about reducing the rsync yes, good point but from the clock in the tray I can’t (?). I guess it takes information from korganizer, but…

Korganizer is not connected apparently. this is another problem : it says in configuration/Agendas/Nextcloud ready, but doesn’t show any calandar from the server. So let’s forget that one.

My brute force conf : I did not do anything special it is the Nextcloud default
Have no idea how to configure it.

Complement : I just started akonadi and no problem. So, may be the default occur only when I open the plasme session. I will check it later, cause now the computer is making backup for a while.

So, finally I resolved the problem with korganizer and its connection to the cloud, and the problem vanished. I guess it happened because Akonadi was trying many times to get the connection in vain.

But I still don’t understand what was the actual problem and how it was solved. Could you please clarify it?

Ok I’ll try. Sorry for not be clear.

So, I was using Plasma without akonadi. Fine. Then I decided to use korganizer, i.e. to set up as well akonadi.
Here started the problem : nextcloud always disabling my user and sending a message about brute force. Obviously, there was a link in between one and the other.
What I did is trying to get back : no use of korganizer, and disabling akonadi. did not work, the problem persist. Akonadi started every time I open a session. And everytime the same problem with the cloud.

so finally I setup and configure properly korganizer, because I realised it was not set up properly regarding connection to the cloud. And things are done.

… or almost : the session is significantly slower to open. And would like to fond out the logs of akonadi to see what is done, but I don’t find them.

But what is the proper configuration of Korganizer? I just added caldav and carddav accounts, and it worked without issues for half a year. And for the last 2 days I have issue with “too many requests” (brute force protection). Should I remove them and add again?

I can’t recall when the client was updated (current version is 3.11), but that might be the root of the problem. I turned on VPN, and now it’s ok, but I’ll follow up behavior

But I also use floccus FF add-on for bookmark sync, and it also has some issues last few days. And that one doesn’t depend on akonadi or korganizer, so I’m quite confused. Still have to check how’s everything working on other machine (also KDE, but everything else is different)