Akonadi not wanting to sync to remote Google server (specifically for GCal and KOrganizer)

I’m trying to sync my Google Calendar with Akonadi, but whenever I open Korganizer or any other calendar part of the PIM, it requires me to go into account settings and resign in. Even worse, and what makes this worse, is that I think I confused Akonadi by trying to use KeepassXC as my Secret Service, thereby somehow messing up syncing with KOrg. I want to reiterate that syncing to my computer is working as expected; it’s posting to Google that isn’t working.

Hmm… it may be time to nuke your config and start over.

It might be worth it to try.

Hopefully it ought to work; I self-host my email and calendar these days, but I used to use google with Korganizer and it worked well.