Allow Bigger Drawing Tablet Area

I want to be able to make the area of the drawing tablet bigger, than the screen is, so that the speed increases. (this should probably be a toggle, which inverts the area relation)
I do some drawing, but I also like to use it as a mouse from time to time, but it feels too slow, because of the area I have to cross, related to the distance of the screen.
I only have an Intuos S, but I guess, this would be even more annoying with a bigger graphic tablet. With the OEM Drivers under windows, this configuration is already possible.

Curious, I’ve never heard of this before. It makes sense if the drawing tablet is being used as a mouse (relative), less so in absolute mode.

Do you have a screenshot of what this configuration option looks like?

I actually prefer absolute, because I can build better muscle memory with it

The inner Quad is the Tablet Area, the outer one is the Screen:

And I want to make it bigger than the screen, but the limit is the exact same size as the screen area: