Allow to reorder virtual desktops

While I was using Mac OS X some time ago, I found it very convenient to put an IDE and a web browser onto adjacent virtual desktops. It allowed me to switch between them easily and without affecting window layout (e.g., I might have different bits of documentation open in two windows side-by-side).

Virtual Desktops, and Overview effect in particular, are of much help in this regard, but I’m really missing the ability to change the order of desktops to suit my needs (instead of creating a new desktop and moving individual windows back and forth)

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I do like the idea of having a quick-swap or something to swap the order that virtual desktops are it, though in the backend it’s probably easier to just move all the windows around, but keeping placement and order, etc.

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As long as it won’t result in windows flashing in and out one by one - I’d be fine with that :slight_smile:

Although from long-term code maintenance perspective this might make it more susceptible to bit rot (e.g., new metadata added over time, or some state in another subsystem - that won’t get properly moved between desktops). But I’m not familiar with the code and have no idea how much work a more straightforward approach would require.