Allowing hibernate without authentication

Hello. I formated a large 128GB partition as swap on a second disk and added a resume=/dev/sdb1 option to the default kernel command line in /etc/defaults/grub, rebuilt the initramfs image and grub configuration and rebooted.
KDE does not show a hibernate option. I can do systemctl hibernate but it prompts for a password that I can enter and hibernate/resume corrrectly.
How do I allow this to work unauthenticated?

The symptoms sound like the Arch wiki’s troubleshooting entry for a swap file in /home. Your post doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re doing, but perhaps there’s some kind of access error involved that produces a similar behavior?

I figured it out. It apparently is disallowed by default. I created a polkit rule to allow it to work.
Thank you.

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