Almost nothing is possible

KDE neon 5.26
after installing some addons for “Pycharm” a d-bus or something like this… and XAMMP
after reboot: no wireless function, no networkcard function,
not able to start any software (I can open only .txt and .jpg files) and I can login into terminal
I do not see any device on dolphin, I see only my own home,
sound is disabled, enabling not possible
what can I do?

Seems you removed some necessary packages. How it happened – nobody knows. There is no pycharm as a deb package, so you couldn’t break system by installing it (I gues).

May be installing some packages with common kde dependencies neon-desktop or plasma-desktop could help.

sudo apt-get install neon-desktop plasma-desktop

You’re going to need to go to another machine and download packages from and the Neon repository. I’m not aware of a frontend for the Neon repos like the one for Ubuntu so you will have to make do finding things in the directories. You will need to put the packages on a USB stick and then install them from the commandline. You’ll have to start with neon-desktop and progressively add packages that it says it requires. It will take a lot of back and forth between the two machines until you have all the dependencies. I have done it before and it’s a massive pain.

Well, I have booted with the install-stick of Neon, and I was able to copy
all my files from my home,
it is better to reinstall I think.
nevertheless, thank you!