Alpha shapes (Mask) removed from kdenlive 23.08.2?

I was just given an appimage where Alpha Shapes are available, so I expect that to be put on the daily/nightly builds page soon

If that tests ok, is it possible to put it up a little more permanently as 23.08.3a or so?

BREAKING: If you download the 23.08.3 appimage from the official download site you get an -A version that includes Alpha Shapes.

Thanks so much for that! You guys are unmistakably awesome :smiley:

I’ve been using this (and learning to edit video) since the 19.08 release, and in that time it’s managed to consistently stay +/-1 step ahead of most of what I needed at very near to the times I’ve needed more than what it could already do. And I’ve been writing software for long enough to know just how impressive an achievement that really is!

My current Most Major project I’m using it for has just under 500GB of raw 4k footage. I already have about 190GB of that imported to the clip bin and edited into 4 sequences of ~1.5-2hrs each, and 23.08.1 was just getting to the point of starting to choke on that much data without periodic restarts to free up some RAM that it still held but wasn’t really using anymore (and smashing nearly everything else on the system to swap when rendering a sequence).

The 23.08.2 release, in that perfect timely way, seemed to offer a massive improvement to that - except for the bit where I couldn’t actually use it for that project because it uses Alpha Shapes in ways and places that couldn’t trivially be replaced - which is why I’d been waiting so eagerly for 23.08.3 to land.

So please accept my thanks for being the most excellent ambassador here, and pass it on to all the folks doing this excellent work behind the scenes.

Great news!
I have downloaded the Mac version of 23.08.3, and the Alpha Shapes (Mask) is working properly as before :slight_smile:
Thanks so much, developers!