Alpha shapes (Mask) removed from kdenlive 23.08.2?

I have just upgraded my kdenlive to 23.08.2 from the previous version, on macos Ventura (13.5.2).
I had been using Alpha shapes (Mask) to allow part of one video to appear as a picture in picture within another clip.
It seems this effect is no longer available.
Do any of you know if this change is deliberate?
If so, is there a description anywhere of how to achieve the same effect, now that Alpha shapes (Mask) is no longer available?
I have found Rectangular alpha mask, but it is nowhere near as capable. For example, it doesn’t include a control to feather the edges of the mask, and it doesn’t provide an elipse shape. How could we have the waves in a coffee cup as described in this video: ?
Thanks for thinking about this,

It is also missing in the 23.08.2 appimage for Linux. I’ll ask.

It would be nice if the Alpha shapes (Mask) would be available again.

The installed version (kdenlive-stable ppa) has Alpha shapes and Alpha shapes (Mask).

I am afraid that Alpha shapes (Mask) is not the same as Alpha shapes or Alpha shapes (Mast).
And, how do you achieve anything with these two masks that you have proposed? Or, where is there any guidance on this? I have not yet found a way to draw any shape.

The difference between the effect with the (Mask) and the one without is that you can sandwich other effects (e.g. blur, pixelize) between the (Mask) effect and the Mask Apply effect. The sandwiched effects are only applied to the area defined by the mask.

Check the Kdenlive documentation about the Alpha Shapes effects.

And with the Shape Alpha effect you can use any b&w picture or even a video clip for the mask.

Sorry, I think I got a little confused with the terms.
With the mask, it is available in version 28.08.2, I can’t find any selection, like ellipse or rectangle.

I suspect that @JimH44 is missing another mask, called Alpha shapes (Mask).

That is because you are looking at Shape Alpha. Alpha Shapes is the one that has the rectangle, ellipse and diamond as selectable shapes, but this effect is missing in the appimage (and perhaps flatpak).

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Good, I see. No problem, so far I have never needed this nice effect. Maybe it will come again sometime.

@berndmj , thanks for your responses. Thanks also to @micha .
I like the idea of being able to sandwich other effects in, such as pixelizing the PiP area, and being able to use any image or video to give the shape of the mask, and your explanation has helped me a lot.
For a standard shape, perhaps with a fuzzy border, however, the (now missing) Alpha shapes (Mask) seems quicker and easier to use.
@berndmj , I look forward to seeing any answer that you get from your “I’ll ask”.

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It looks like it is a packaging issue due to major updates in KDE Craft but the jury is still out. I’ll keep you posted

Turns out MLT renamed the effect(s) for consistency purposes, and the Kdenlive devs missed that or were not informed. Fix is underway. You may need to work with one of the nightly builds for a while until the 23.8.3 or 23.12 release is available.

Thanks Bernd, it’s a relief to know it wasn’t a deliberate deletion.

I’m running 23.8.3 from the Arch (btw) repos, and am missing Alpha Shapes (Mask) as well. What version is the fix expected to be released in? Thanks!

23.08.3 which is expected in December, IIRC. The latest official release is 23.08.2

Hi Bernd - thanks for all the help I’ve seen you give here.

I assume you meant November there as the release date for 23.08.3 - it’s supposed to officially release today, but the Appimage has been up on the stable download page for a few days now.

I’d seen some commits land which “should” have fixed this, so I was eager for this one to land - but it appears the bug still persists and Alpha Shapes support is not included in 23.08.3 … :frowning:


It was: Kdenlive 23.08.3 released - Kdenlive

And indeed, Alpha Shapes is still missing …

Hmm … looks like Fix for renamed frei0r effects (eb7ef279) · Commits · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab got committed to the master branch, but never pulled into the 23.08 release branch.

Yep, that’s exactly what happened. Working with the devs to get that fixed. Interestingly enough, Alpha Shapes are available in the Windows version …

Cheers! If they’re going to roll another point release for this one (which I really hope they do!) - it probably also wants this commit as well: Add secondary color correction xml with renamed alphasp0t effect, fix... (8fb4adb5) · Commits · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab

Maybe the windows build is using an older frei0r from before these effects were renamed?