Already processed emails are presented again in kmail - in combination with Akonadi

When I open kmail after I did not use my KDE computer for some (4+) days, it often happens that kmail presents me with emails that I already processed. This is unpleasant, as I’ve to go through the same emails again.

I hope that an Akonadi expert is willing to look into this issue, as I’ve a trivial setup making it a good environment for kmail/Akonadi to run nicely, but for now it needs attention to get it right.

My setup:

  • openSUSE_Leap-15.5
  • kmail2/akonadi version: 5.22.3 (22.12.3)
  • kmail has 1 pop3 account (keep it simple)
  • In kmail I’ve filters active
  • There are not a lot of emails. On average 20 emails max/day

I’ve the feeling that the problem does not happen, when I open use my KDE computer every day.

I think the problem is often there, when I use my KDE computer after 4~5 days. In that case more emails are to be retrieved, downloaded, processed and stored on disk.

When I encounter the problem in akonadi’s logfile the following error(s) are reported:

org.kde.pim.akonadiserver: Handler exception when handling command FetchItems on connection kontact-48271 (0x557dee240bb0) : Unable
to fetch item from backend (collection -1) : Unable to retrieve item from resource: [LRCONFLICT] Resource akonadi_maildir_resource_2 t
ries to modify item 401666 () (in collection 1425) with dirty payload, aborting STORE.

With the help of this information I can lookup the related faulty email(s).

The email will be present twice in respective folder. The old one and the one additionally retrieved. But 1 of them can not be opened. I force delete the one that cannot be opened, to get rid of these not good emails. Somehow it looks like that the incoming processing chain (email retrieval, filtering, storing, etc) was not able to store the data on disk.

Now often, simultaneously older emails, I think max 3 months old are presented in kmail. As I already read/processed these emails, I can just delete them. But this can only be done safely, if all email that were shown in the Akonadi logfile as faulty are taken of. If there is a faulty one left, the delete will hang…

In the meantime, for most of folders that are endpoints for filtered emails, I now use a shadow-folder. This shadow-folder holds all the processed emails, and the filter endpoint folder is always empty. So when all the old emails are retrieved by kmail again, I can delete most of the old email from the filter endpoint folder safely… It’s a workaround, and it would be nicer, if this would not be needed.

I’ve this problem already for a long time. Each time, I hope that a new KDE version solves the issue.

  • Does anyone have an idea what happens here?
  • Is there an Akonadi expert that would help me het rid of this behavior? I can do the debugging, but need to get debug instructions.
  • What’s in store for Akonadi ( I think ) in the upcoming KDE-6 version? Will it be improvement?

Please help, as I’m very much looking forward in getting this bit of KDE PIM better.

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