Alt+Tab messes up what window is in foreground (Clion / Rider)

  • Install Clion & Rider IDEs from snap in terminal
  • Have them both open a project with code open
  • Alt+Tab between them
  • Windows will get into a state where the background window acts like the foreground window.

The only way to fix is close both apps and not use Alt+Tab. Pretty annoying when developing C code to be used in C#.

Kinda sounds like 484992 – Task Switcher does not get focus for XWayland windows and tab gets "forwarded" to original window

Do the apps you use run in xwayland?

I assume so.

QUOTE: “The graphical applications that do not (yet) communicate with Wayland directly were offered a transitional path with XWayland, an implementation of X11 running on top of a Wayland session. This is how all Java applications, including all JetBrains’ IntelliJ-based IDEs, display their UI”

This is 478556 – With NVIDIA or AMD GPUs on X11, sometimes left or right clicking on windows of JetBrains apps or a Plasma panel instead interacts with Plasma desktop.

There are 2x SLI Nvidia GTX 980 Ti cards in the computer.
The CPU is Intel i7-6800k with 64gb of ram.

If you want anymore info just let me know.