Alternating row background for Dolphin

Using the color-scheme Calm Eyes, I was happy to see alternating line background in Dolphin:

I copied the .colors, kept all lines but made the windows’s titlebar darker; that worked. But now the background in Dolphin is almost gone:

How can I get it back?

You must’ve done something wrong. Anywho, check View>BackgroundNormal/Alternate and adjust the colors in the color file.
Here’s an example of your theme with an orage alternate background:

i prefer the 2nd pic… easier on the eyes, but still functional.

Thank you @dzon,

I’m on german language, would you please show me. where to find that setting? Thanks!

Ich bin Flame, also werde ich mein Bestes geben. 1) ~/.local/share/color-schemes/theme 2) scrollen nach Ansicht 3) Hintergrund Alternative 4) ändern rgb.



Thank you so much @dzon, I found it! And: You have been right, I messed it up earlier …