Amor window animation

Good morning. I always loved walking a cat on my computer windows. AMOR is amazing for my friends. AMOR was written by Martin R. Jones. But today this project seems abandoned or is inaccessible. Can we resurrect him?


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That would be fun!

No idea how much work that would take to port to Wayland though. (seriously, I have no clue, someone else might)

can u please send a screenshot or screen recording of it or a video. Just curious about what that actually is

It’s a cat that runs, jumps, scratches the windows, but it no longer works. When you close the window it reappears at the bottom of the screen. If you open a new window he reappears there, he yawns, stretches, then starts running. When the PC is inactive, it sleeps.

There is a whole category for Amor themes on, this one has some representable screenshots:

I have the complete program ( but how do I send it?
The cat’s name is necko

The source code is still here: