An option to prevent Spectacle from quitting automatically

I find the new “feature” where Spectacle closes automatically to be quite annoying. This happens when you cancel taking a screenshot with ESC key, or when the screenshot is automatically copied to clipboard or saved.

It would be great if there was an option to suppress this behaviour.

I really liked to be able to take a screenshot, then take another one, but change my mind, then take another one. Having Spectacle quit automatically is not only unexpected, but also seems like a crash. It can also lead to data loss – if the screenshot is not saved but another screenshot is cancelled.

I think in general, it is always a good idea to accompany such drastic changes to the workflow with an option to suppress it.

EDIT: I just noticed there is a pretty hidden option to prevent spectacle from quitting when an image is copied or saved, but not when a screenshot is cancelled. This option does not appear in the Configure Spectacle window, but under a menu which is only visible while taking a Rectangular Region screenshot.

Having two distinct sets of options makes absolutely no sense to me, especially since most of these “hidden” options are not even relevant to the Rectangular Region mode. Why not have all the settings in the Configure Spectacle window?

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I agree! :exploding_head: Here is the answer i got. 470322 – Spectacle closes when hitting the ESC key

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Thanks for that; I re-opened the bug report as the request seems reasonable to me.

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