Analog clock widget time zone

hey everyone! does anyone know how to change the time zone for a analog clock widget?

i have the default digital clock in the lower right hand side with the system time and i want to add some analog clock widgets to the desktop that show different time zones but I cant figure out how to do this.

i want the system time to show in the digital clock and then i want a analog clock on the desktop for example one for London and one for Tokyo and one for Auckland. can this be done? please help thanks.

the only fix i have for now is to add time zones to the digital clock for these but then i have to hover the mouse over the digital clock for a pop up to show other time zones or click on the clock for the timezones and calendar to open and i want to just have them visible on the desktop.

The Analog Clock widget does not have an option to show a time zone other than the system-wide one.

This is an amazing use case, and I think it warrants porting the time zone feature from the Digital Clock widget to the Analog clock. You should open a ticket about it in

You can add multiple Digital Clock widgets - each has their own set of enabled time zones and you can set each to show any of them (the Digital Clock always has the current system time zone enabled, but you can make it show another zone).

I also like to configure the Digital Clock to change the displayed time zone by scrolling on the widget:

thanks for the help and info! i looked everywhere to figure it out and was hoping it was just me and there was a way to do it 4 the analog clock but i couldnt find. thanks 4 info about a ticket, didnt know about that…

If you do create a feature request ticket for the analog clock - it you link to it here I would like to follow up on that. Thanks!