Animated SVG files does not animate in Gwenview

Hello dear ones,
I’m reposting here a question posted on the old KDE forum by @saidbakr. I have the same question and there is no answer - namely, Gwenview can open animated SVGs, but the image remains fixed. So is there an extension or plugin that can open these animated files? - . I have Gwenview version 23.04.3.

Animated SVG files does not animate

Thu Jan 12, 2023 12:08 pm

Gwenview can open svg files but files that has animation it open statically without animation. Is there any plugin that allows those files to animate in Gwenview? I have Gwenview version 21.12.3 on Kubuntu 22.04.

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Said Bakr.

Only certain types of animations are supported by the underlying Qt SVG that Gwenview uses, funortunately. It’s not really fixable, but developers are looking into other solutions.