Announcing Brise theme

Brise theme is yet another fork of Breeze. The name comes having both the French and German translations of Breeze, being Brise.

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Love the Idea! Breeze-> stable Brise-> Testing. Where is the unstable? :stuck_out_tongue:

The new tab style looks really good !

Hi Carl, I think this is a good idea to experiment first separately. I think Breeze application style that shipped in Plasma 5 (apart from the scrollbars) is the best looking style on any platform.

I notice you have made quite a lot of merged changes recently to Breeze application style as well as many apps that are in the Plasma 6 beta - they make it not look like the same theme any more. Will these be reverted and put into Brise instead? Or made configurable?

I think there are some usability issues with some of the changes I am seeing to the Breeze style of several apps in Plasma 6 beta. Namely, the accented focus (frame?) outline that used to show which area had focus is no longer there, making it not as clear which areas have focus e.g. with a split view in KDevelop, Dolphin etc. Plus, that accented outline gave a bit of added colour to the theme.

It would be useful to know what the plans are as I also have a Breeze fork (Klassy). Iā€™m not sure whether I want to merge these changes, and having such a deviation is not something I am looking forward to.