Annoying Wifi signal bug (?)


There’s this annoying thing my Wifi indicator applet does. The signal strength constantly changes even though my device remains at the same place. Plasma is the only DE that does this.

Plasma: 5.27.x
Network chip: Intel AX211

I have checked on Windows, Gnome, and Cinnamon and the signal strength is constant and doesn’t fluctuate.

I have also eliminated the possibility that the Kernel or the distro has something to do with it. Using the latest Kernel or an LTS Kernel makes no difference.

Is this a bug or does plasma-nm work fundamentally different in that it shows some natural fluctuations which other DEs don’t? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Signal strength does fluctuate (a little bit) constantly. The applet changes the icon on hard thresholds 20,40,60,80. If your signal strength happens to be around one of these, then the icon fluctuates.

Perhaps other implemtations use different thresholds that just avoided your signal strength, or perhaps they used some smoothing algorithm.

You can check if this is the case with: nmcli -f IN-USE,SIGNAL device wifi
See if the signal strength is near the above mentioned thresholds.


Thanks so much. Those are great insights. Wondering why you removed the suggestion about the “hack”… :thinking:

Because it doesn’t really work. I found that icons you need to replace are actually packed in a network.svgz file, makes it harder to change.

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