Another warning of 'missing prices for securities'

As described in topic #5361 I have a similar problem.
I’m getting also a warning about missing prices for security entries. (See screenshot)

The consistency check claims there are no prices for the opening day for these two securities.
This two (as some others were too) are old transactions which has been sold a while ago and are of no interest for me, whatsoever.
I tried to delete these two securities under “Investments - Securities” but are not able to do that.
When checking the ledger these two items don’t appearing there.

I investigated a little bit the XML file and found out so far:

  1. I have two securities
    a) “RBC select Balanced ‘A’” with id# “E000007” and another one
    b) “RBC Select Conservative ‘A’ with id “E00008”

I have also two accounts for
a) “RBC select Balanced ‘A’” with id# “A000104” and another one
b) “RBC Select Conservative ‘A’ with id# “A000105”

There are no transactions for either of these id’s (E…00.7, E…008, A…104”, A…105”.

Here is the Xml data for these two securities

SECURITIES count="2">
  <SECURITY saf="1000" id="E000007" type="1" pp="4" trading-market="TSX" rounding-method="7" trading-currency="CAD" name="RBC Select Balanced 'A'" symbol="0P0000706A.TO">
    <PAIR key="kmm-security-id" value="RBF 460"/>
  <SECURITY saf="1000" id="E000008" type="1" pp="4" trading-market="TSX" rounding-method="7" trading-currency="CAD" name="RBC Select Conservative 'A'" symbol="0P00007067.TO">
    <PAIR key="kmm-online-quote-system" value=""/>
    <PAIR key="kmm-online-source" value=""/>
    <PAIR key="kmm-security-id" value="RBF 461"/>

system info is


I would like to get rid of these annoying warnings but don’t know how.
Any advice for me ?

btw, I’m running an AppImage of KMM on Linux Mint v20.3

There are two things you might do. The easiest way to remove the warning is to manually enter prices for those securities on or before the stated opening dates.

If you truly want to remove all traces of those securities, read on. In this case you will need to remove everything in your data file that refers to these securities. That means removing all historic prices, and removing all transactions that refer to them. If these transactions are in accounts you are still using, removing them will alter the history and balance of those accounts, which is why I suggest not to do that. If there are truly no related transactions, then this will not matter.

Note that the Ennnnnn are the equtites, or the underlying investment. (I know the terminology between equity and security is confusing, and not necessarily completely consistent.) The related Annnnnn accounts are subaccounts of the Investment accounts in which you held those securities. Those are the accounts where you need to look for transactions. If there really are none, then after removing all stored prices for them, you should be able to remove them. I’m not certain, but I believe removing them from the Investments View should remove both the underlying security and the associated account.

Another way to find what might be blocking the deletion is to search your data file for A000104 and A000105. That will show you if they are present in any transactions.


I look into the transactions and there are NO transactions for any of the accounts in question (A…104, A…105, E…7, E…8).
So I not even can imagine from where the consistency check can find out that there are no prices for the securities (must be coming from some KMM code) .
And I still can’t delete the securities from the Investment view (DELETE button is disabled).
What’s to do?
Any advise?


You misunderstand the error message. The security exists. It has an opening date. I has (or had) some price entries for it. None of those prices are on or before the opening date. You can manually enter a price for those securities on or before their opening date. (The warning has been changed to needing a price on or before the first transaction for that security, but the reasoning is that you need some sort of bases for checking the value of your holdings, and therefore you need to know the price on or before the day you first held it.)

In terms of not deleting the securities, are there still ANY prices for them? If so, you need to delete those before you can delete the security itself.


as I mentioned in my previous comment, there are NO prices for the securities in the system. Not in the XML file and not visibly in the KMM app. I tried to update the prices for the securities, but I can’t update them automatically (Yahoo Finances).
Another question, when I’m creating a security, where is the price at opening day being stored in the (XML) data?
When editing the securities, there is no field for the price at opening day.
So where would be the opening price being stored in the XML structure?

 <SECURITY name="RBC Select Balanced 'A'" trading-currency="CAD" pp="4" symbol="0P0000706A.TO" rounding-method="7" saf="1000" id="E000007" type="1" trading-market="TSX">
    <PAIR key="kmm-security-id" value="RBF 460"/>

And under the security XML Element, there are no fields for opening day and possibly price.
I can’t wrap my head around the data structure.

I agreee the XML structure is not very obvious. The opening date in question is probably (I need look again at my own file to confirm) is on the A… account, not the security itself E…
In addition, I suspect there ARE prices for those securities. Have you looked in the price editor? Look under Settings/Prices. Enter one of the securities, and when there is only one security shown, tick “show all prices.” All stored prices are in the section of the XML structure, with a entry for each security/curreny (or currency pair for exchange rates.)
There is nothing about the opening date in either the securities or equities tab. If there were, it would be easy to not allow creation without one. Also, there is not necessarily a price created when you create the security. If your first transaction is a buy, then it creates the pricepair with the price of the buy, and marks the source of the price as “User”. If your first transaction is “add shares” there is no price automatically created. That’s why the consistency check looks for one, although it might be less strict about the earliest date which actually needs a price.
Lets see if that gets you a bit further.

Hi jack,

I did the ‘brute force’ solution and deleted the securities from the XML file.
Test I have run so far showing that KMM is working just fine with the altered data. The consistency check runs now w/o any warnings.
I would think that was the solution for me.
Thanks for all your help.