Any guides/tutorials/articles for getting started in portal development?

Hello! I have a large vested interest in advancing some of the work in implementing wayland portals in KDE’s window manager. I know exactly where I want to help but I’m struggling on getting started on the “how”. I’m a software engineer and am very comfortable in many development environments, but I’m not sure how to even set up developing for an entire desktop environment such as KDE.

Does anyone have any recommendations for places where I can get some information on starting out for developing features for KDE?

I found some on the techbase.kde page (I can’t include links) but they all seem to be somewhat domain-specific, or I just missed something.

Sorry if this is a bit of a vague question, and thanks for any help!

The possible entrypoints would be:

In practice, you’d basically do D-Bus calls. Which also means you need to know D-Bus in order to read the portal API reference.

Unfortunately portal onboarding isn’t good. The docs is mostly about reading code.

You should join the KDE Development, Flatpak and KWin groups on Matrix if you want to contribute to this, the devs there should be able to help you.